November 2007-Monolithic’s Gas-Powered Concrete Pump


CONTACT: Mike South
Monolithic Equipment

Monolithic’s Gas-Powered Concrete Pump Features Direct Drive

ITALY, Texas (November 6, 2007) – Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing of Italy, Texas has introduced the MudSlinger GHP 1500 Direct Drive, a new gas-powered concrete pump that eliminates the need for electrical access or the use of generators at job sites, and also features a direct drive to the carousel.

“This pump is easier to control and operate because we have eliminated the drive chain and sprockets,” says David B. South, president of Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing. “And because the drive is constant with no pulse of any kind, it is easier and more efficient to work with.”

The Direct Drive, which is run by a highly reliable Honda power pack, can pump up to 3 cubic yards per hour yet weighs less than 800 pounds and is small enough to fit in the bed of a pickup truck. Its 1.5-inch hoses are light enough to be easily handled with lengths of 25 to 50 feet. Run by a highly reliable Honda power pack, the pump has a five-gallon fuel capacity and can operate for eight or more hours without refueling.

The MudSlinger GHP 1500 Direct Drive provides a feasible economic alternative on jobs that require a concrete pump, but are too small to warrant the expense of a large expensive pumping unit. It retails for $10,300 and is available exclusively through Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing.

“The Direct Drive design is extremely simple,” says South. “There are no more chains or belts, nothing is exposed, there will be no more gravel falling in the drive system. Nothing will fall off like some of the earlier pumps and nothing is exposed. It is just 
infinitely more simple and operators will appreciate it.”

For larger jobs there’s the gas-powered Monolithic MudSlinger GHP 2000, which can spray 6 cubic yards per hour. Mounted on a trailer with built-in jack stands that stabilize the machine when in use, the pump weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. The GHP 2000 retails for $15,425.

For more information about both pumps, call Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing at 972-483-7423 or visit the company’s web site at

Here is an overview of the performance specs for the Mudslinger GHP 1500 Direct Drive:

Gas power – eliminates need for electrical access at the job site and/or the use of a generator.
Honda power packs – high-performance power source requires little in the way of maintenance, with Honda parts and service usually accessible through dealerships. Five-gallon fuel capacity – allows the GHP 1500 Direct Drive to run eight or more hours without refueling. Skid mounted – transportable in a pick-up truck or on a trailer. GHP 1500 can also be equipped with an axle and towed. Hoses – uses 1 1/2" diameter hoses, available in lengths of 25, and 50 feet.