If it’s merely a matter of manpower…

Whether you are a seasoned Monolithic Dome Builder or building your first EcoShell, sometimes you’ll need a little help.

That’s where we come in. The construction crews here at Monolithic are experienced professionals with huge amounts of expertise and a variety of skills.

If you find yourself in a pinch, or if you need a job done and you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, just give us a call. In general we send workmen in pairs: a foreman or manager and a worker.

Vice president Mike South said, “Our crews can do more in a day, than most can in a week. Some of our superintendents have been building domes for 20 years or more. Beyond the speed or cost of the job, our crews have the care and experience it takes to make these jobs turn out right.”

Our crews are proficient in a number of areas. They can:

  • Provide on-site consultation
  • Build Monolithic Domes— start to finish
  • Do any part of the the construction process— foundations, Airform inflations, foam jobs, rebar placement, window and door buck installation, shotcrete, framing, dry wall, etc.
  • Construct concrete fences
  • Implement retaining walls
  • Create faux sculpture such as rocks or rock walls
  • Repair concrete, brick and/or wood walls
  • Reinforce existing buildings
  • Provide on-site project supervision
  • Repair damage done by natural and man-made disasters

Manpower Price List:

Principle Daily Hourly Please see Note 1 and Note 2.
Division Manager $1200 $120
Superintendent $1000 $100
Workman $500 $50
Clerical N/A $30

Note 1: All travel expenses must be added to rates listed. These include travel, food, lodging for each day of time spent. If out of country a per diem insurance will be added. Labor will be for 5 days per week plus 6th day if worked. Expenses will be for all days.

Note 2: These are labor rates. They do not include job liability. Under no circumstances is the liability for the job included unless prior arranged for and in writing. The workmen at all levels are there to assist and to advise. They do not have charge of the job nor any part of the profit or the liability.

January 8, 2010