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A Classic Dome Project

Image: Shotcrete Magazine Cover- Spring 2009

Shotcrete Magazine Cover- Spring 2009

Image: Shotcrete Classics – Shotcrete Magazine Spring 2009 Feature

Chris Zynda is the current president of the American Shotcrete Association and a regular contributor to the organization’s quarterly publication, Shotcrete Magazine. In the Spring 2009 issue, he turned to his archive to select a project to feature in the “Shotcrete Classics” section of the magazine. His choice was White Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, a dome church with a 35,000-square foot sanctuary that seats 2,000, an adjoining chapel that seats 250, and a 10,000-square-foot classroom wing that connects the two buildings.

In his article, Chris describes the construction method used to build the thin-shell concrete dome. Click here to see the article complete with pictures and original designs.