Xanadu of Sedona

Xanadu of Sedona

Newly released Xanadu of Sedona DVD

Entertaining and Informative

Bracken Cherry, his wife and their three daughters have produced a DVD that includes a tour of their home: Xanadu of Sedona, Arizona.

The DVD takes you on about a 90-minute tour of their ten, rainbow colored Monolithic Domes, illustrates and describes the interior and exterior of this complex, talks about life in a dome, presents live performances and a photo slideshow, and features five Monolithic Dome educational videos.

It also highlights Xanadu’s future. Those plans include getting a Special Use Permit that will allow Xanadu to be opened to the public as a tourist attraction and educational center, with information on creating a self-sustaining home environment in a Monolithic Dome.

Watch the Trailer: www.XanaduofSedona.com