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Charca Casa: House by the Pond

Image: Charca Casa — This attractive and spacious Monolithic Dome home, located at Monolithic’s headquarters in Italy, Texas, can be toured by appointment.

Charca Casa — This attractive and spacious Monolithic Dome home, located at Monolithic’s headquarters in Italy, Texas, can be toured by appointment.

Image: House by the pond — Charca is the Spanish word for pond and Casa means house. This acre pond provides  a spectacular backdrop for its dome-home.
Image: A wall of windows — Charca Casa’s living room has a wall of windows with a view of the patio and the pond.
Image: Kitchen — An efficient work area and generous storage dominate this kitchen.
Image: Dining area — It’s located just off the kitchen and adjacent to the living area.
Image: Loft — A spiral staircase leads to the loft in which children love to camp.
Image: Let’s talk! — Charca Casa’s great room has several convenient and comfortable conversation areas.
Image: Bedroom 1 — Creamy whites and rosy pinks adorn this bedroom.
Image: Bedroom 2 — A feeling of serenity dominates this room.
Image: Bedroom 3 — Charca Casa has three bedrooms plus a guest room.
Image: Bathroom — Like the rest of this dome-home, the bathroom is easy to maintain and keep clean.
Image: Patio — Its large, comfortable patio is an integral part of Charca Casa.
Image: Designed as a Duplex  — Charca Casa consists of two, connected, forty-foot-diameter Monolithic Domes.
Image: Garage — This two-car garage is a Monolithic EcoShell.

Dome with a view

In Spanish, Charca means pond or puddle and Casa means house. Hence, the name Charca Casa or house by a pond. That acre pond functions as a spectacular backdrop for the spacious patio that fronts this fabulous Monolithic Dome home. A thirty-two-foot expanse of windows in the living room provides a view of the activities on the patio and the pond.

Designed as a duplex, Charca Casa has two connected forty-foot-diameter domes. The right hand dome, Casa, has three bedrooms, a small guest room and a home office. A small loft sits over the bathroom and hall at Casa’s center. Children love this loft. They scamper up the circular stairway and convert the loft into their very own camp site.

Charca, the dome on the left, encompasses a great room, a single bedroom with private bath, a laundry room, a large pantry and a spacious galley kitchen. The great room, whose obvious focal points are the patio windows, measures 700 square feet and includes generous areas for dining, entertaining and just relaxing.

Charca Casa has a ceramic tile floor throughout. Its interior framings are primarily steel studs with sheetrock. Because of its interior details, this dome-home is hypo-allergenic and easy to clean and maintain.

The feeling inside Charca Casa is wonderful. Very little outside noise penetrates the dome’s interior, and it is extremely easy to heat and cool. The curved vaulted ceilings add significant spaciousness to the bedrooms as well as the living areas.

Charca Casa is a compound house. It could have been built in stages, years apart. The first stage could have been a nice, three bedroom home and the second stage an expansion. Then a covered swimming pool, exercise room, or great room could have been added.

Charca Casa is an attractive and interesting dome-home and is available for tours by appointment.