The 21st Century: Recognizing and Meeting Its Challenge

An enlightening slideshow

David South, president of Monolithic, has produced a slideshow that details and illustrates our planet’s immediate challenges. “We have got to get into the 21st century,” David insists.

He backs this statement up with a comparison of life in America in 1910, 2010 and 2046. Within 35 short years, our planet will be home to 2 billion more people! There will be another 100 million just in the U.S. — 1/3 more than today. That makes our 2010 technology look and perform inadequately. 

David’s slideshow compares 1950’s homes, built using technology that’s still in vogue today, with technologically advanced homes, such as Monolithic Domes. “Traditional homes may be bigger and have air conditioning and central heating, but they can still burn, rot and get blown away,” David says. Compare that to the 21st century technology that designed and built Monolithic Dome structures, such as Dome of a Home in Pensacola Beach, Florida that survived Hurricane Ivan; Faith Chapel Church in Birmingham, Alabama that withstood recent tornadoes; and the many Monolithic Dome schools and churches that provide protection when disasters threaten.