Modules: The Answer to Every School’s Space Needs

Monolithic School Modules can be designed for virtually any purpose. They can include classrooms and/or administrative offices, or serve as a food service facility, a gymnasium, a multipurpose area, a library, etc. These modules are extremely serviceable, affordable and easily added to existing campuses. Moreover, they are Monolithic Domes that require little maintenance, but that are energy-efficient and provide what FEMA calls “near-absolute protection” from hurricanes and tornadoes. The modules are also fire-resistant, termite-proof and rot-proof.

Gymnasium/Multi Use Building Module


This is a stand-alone gymnasium, but it must go with an existing school building or have another module for public restrooms and a concession area. These items can be installed in the building by reducing seating area.

Nine Classroom Module


Obviously this module will need to go with an existing building for restrooms. Its size can be increased for larger classrooms, or it can be modified for larger classrooms by reducing the number.

Five Classroom Module


Smaller classroom module available as a stand-alone unit. Classrooms can be increased in size and/or number by changing the module size.

Administration Building Module


All kinds of changes can be made to this module to fit the needs of the school. In some locations, the media center could easily be made available as a public library for the community.

Food Service Building Module


The food service module is very expensive because of the commercial kitchen and the large bathrooms. But this module can be easily modified. Shown here is an ideal module to go with the gymnasium, at a small- to moderate-size school.