Why Buy a Monolithic Dome School

Dear School Administrator:

Monolithic Domes make fantastic schools. Ward Huffman of the Department of Energy called them “self-replicating.”

Generally, Monolithic Dome schools pay for themselves in energy savings within 20 years. One school district logged its savings and determined that within 13 years the savings equaled the construction cost of the school. Others have estimated that their energy savings allowed them to pay 3% more to all of the teachers in that building.

FEMA is pushing to have safer schools. It is helping to fund the construction of structures that meet FEMA 361 Standards for tornado protection by paying up to 75% of their cost. Monolithic Domes meet all FEMA 361 Standards and surpass some. Can that help you get the new school you need?

How do you as a school district get a Monolithic Dome school?

Obviously you must have an architect. We can help you select one that is already proficient in Monolithic school design or we can help train and assist one of your choosing. Training professionals who are new to our technology and willing to learn is part and parcel of our experience and expertise.

If we continue building the structures we have always built, we will continue getting the same results. Monolithic Domes are a paradigm shift with wonderful benefits. Their lifespan is measured in centuries. They are energy efficient and green. They require significantly less in HVAC equipment, maintenance and insurance cost. They are fire-resistant and termite-proof. They provide what FEMA calls “near-absolute protection” as tornado shelters.

Districts who have built a Monolithic Dome school report savings of 20% to 50% on initial construction. These districts also found that bonds for new, innovative, safe, economical schools were easier to pass.


Monolithic can help you with everything involved in getting a new school – from passing a bond and getting financing to design and construction.

FREE: We can provide a free study, including preliminary layout and budget for the completed project. We can also professionally check your existing school and evaluate needs for upgrading and energy savings, as well as a new building. That will help you make an informed decision, one you can take to your board and voters.

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