Airform inflated

The inflated Airform of the dome that will be built during the workshop. The Airform was inflated in preparation for the workshop. (Mike South)

Workshop dome underway

Every spring and fall, curious dome enthusiasts descend upon our headquarters in Italy, Texas, USA to learn how to build a Monolithic Dome. Experts from our staff teach these attendees not only in the classroom, but also out in the field. During each workshop attendees help to build a real-life Monolithic Dome. Our upcoming workshop, held September 12-16, is no different.

This workshop, attendees will be helping to build a 32 foot diameter dome with a 9-foot stem wall. Preparations were started and are ongoing for the dome that will be built for this workshop. On Monday, September 5th, the Airform for the dome was inflated, marking the first step in building a dome.

Watch a timelapse of the Airform inflation:

Next, what are called door bucks are being built. These are the frames for the doors and windows. After that is completed the Paxis Scaffolding, essential equipment for building a dome, will be set up. The last preparations before the workshop will be to spray two inches of polyurethane foam.

When the attendees come next week, they will get to install the rebar hangers and spray the last inch of foam. These steps will be taken over the course of four days between classes.

Class space is still available at the workshop. Those interested can sign up here. For more information and frequently asked questions about the workshop, read this information page.

Side view

A side view of the inflated Airform. (Mike South)


Foundation of the dome before the Airform was added (Mike South)


The Airform before inflation. (Mike South)