Don’t Give Up Your Dream

Now is the time

Don’t let the current economic tough times take away your dream of owning a Monolithic Dome. The Monolithic Dome is the ideal, high-performance building that needs to be built — now more than ever.

It does not matter if the structure is commercial or residential — a Monolithic Dome is the only logical choice. Currently we are all worried about our pocketbooks. We vote with our pocketbook. The economy has decided more elections than any campaign.

As green as they come

The savings from a Monolithic Dome will be evident when your first utility bill arrives. You will be shocked.

Monolithic Domes have been labeled “green buildings” and have LEED certification. We are also a part of the Energy Star Program.

Monolithic Domes are constructed primarily of three things: rebar, concrete and polyurethane foam. Concrete and rebar prices are going up. Polyurethane foam is going up, since it’s made with petroleum products and its pricing has been riding a roller coaster. The finish-out or the interior construction of a Monolithic Dome is the only part of the dome that will require any type of wood — if you choose to use wood for the finish-out.

Quality versus quantity

During lean times, I was always taught that “a little bit of something good is better that a whole lot of something bad.” This applies to all parts of life. Never settle. The higher the quality of an item, the longer it usually lasts. It all comes down to quality versus quantity.

Prices of Monolithic Domes have gone up, but so has everything else. Would you rather have one good apple or a barrel of rotten ones? If you were in a hurricane or tornado, would you rather be in a Monolithic Dome or a stick-built house? Size doesn’t matter. Safety does. Peace of mind counts for something.

You will pay as much or more for a finished-out Monolithic Dome than you would for a same-size conventional home. That is just a fact.

But your utility bills will be lower, you will be safer, and you will have the only house on the block that people giving directions can use as a landmark. Your home will also be a storm haven. Bugs and rodents can’t get past concrete and rebar, so that too is one less thing to worry about.

Ask us for a quote

Do a feasibility study for a Monolithic Dome home or just call, so we can give you a rough quote.

Think about how much of your home you truly occupy. Where does company congregate or the family gather? Is it in the room that is shut off from the rest of the home so that the air conditioner or heater can make it bearable? Monolithic Domes never have rooms closed off. The entire dome is heated and cooled by the surrounding concrete. Set the thermostat once, and you are set for the year. Think very seriously about where you want your money spent. In what part of your Monolithic Dome do you want to have the most square footage?

Life moves in circles. There is never an ending — only a movement into another part of being. So, don’t give up your dream of having a Monolithic Dome home. Your dome will be here long after you. What a legacy to leave your children.

Note: As a member of the Monolithic Sales Staff, I talk with many people. Listening has become a far more valuable tool than trying to sell someone on the idea of a dome home. Most customers already have their project planned; they just need a few kinks worked out. I have worked at Monolithic for nearly 10 years, so I have seen lots of projects, people and ideas come and go. I was ignorant about Monolithic Domes until I started working with David South. Now, my husband is ready to do a feasibility study.