Monolithic’s front porch

Monolithic’s front porch

Decorative Concrete: The Name Says It All

Two career changes

About ten years ago, Todd Graham lived in College Station, Texas where he owned a business that made extruded concrete landscape edging. But he wanted to try the “corporate America” scene, sold his business and moved to Midlothian, Texas where he became a Distribution Warehouse Manager for Target. Some four years later, Todd again rethought his goals and decided that he preferred working for himself.

The start of something new

So Todd opened Decorative Concrete of North Texas in Midlothian. Surfing the Internet, he found the manufacturer of the product that he now uses: Concrete Technology Incorporated (CTI) in Florida. Todd contacted CTI, went to their headquarters, completed special training, became certified as an installer, received his product and put his ten years of concrete experience to work.

Decorative Concrete of North Texas services include commercial and residential projects, such as flower walks, driveways, patios and sidewalks. “When you want to add an addition to your driveway or patio and you put new concrete down next to old concrete, it never matches up in color or looks the same," Todd said. " The beauty of this product is, we can do the new addition and top it with this product and it looks like it is all one pour, one piece of concrete.”

You can go to and check Todd’s website or contact him by phone: 972-775-2214.