Group photo

The spring workshop class of 2018, missing one attendee, with Monolithic founder David B. South.

Another successful workshop in the rear-view mirror

Twice a year we invite people from all over the world to our headquarters in Italy, Texas, USA to learn the process that goes into building a Monolithic Dome. We just finished a successful spring workshop last week.

Notable this time around was the amount of international interest in Monolithic Domes and the construction process. We had around 30 attendees and they came from all over the world. Attendees came from Peru, Hungary, Trinidad and Tobago, Great Britain, Morocco, and Australia. Two attendees were returning participants, having previously attended a workshop, which gives them a discount on tuition. Most came with the desire to learn about Monolithic Dome homes, rental units, or commercial buildings.

The weather was nice and cool, creating the perfect environment for our attendees to learn how to build these structures. We taught our attendees the technical aspects in a classroom and then, as we always do at workshops, went out and showed them hands-on how to build a Monolithic Dome. During the workshop three structures were built by attendees: an IO-20 dome, an IO-16.5, and a 10’ ecoshell.

Attendees spent the time putting into practice what they learned. They sprayed foam, hung rebar, mixed and applied shotcrete, and cleaned up. They even were treated to a special guest visit from concrete expert Herb Nordmeyer, who presented to the class on a project in Haiti.

Now that these attendees have spent several days at our headquarters studying, they have to pass their “final exam,” building a Monolithic Dome of their own. Good luck with your project and we’re always around to help and answer questions. Come back and visit us soon!

If you missed out on this workshop, our next one will be held September 11-15, 2018. Sign-up before August 13 to get a discount on tuition. We’ll see you there.

Working outside

Attendees working outside on a small rental Monolithic Dome. (Mike South)

Shotcrete mixing

Attendees mixing the shotcrete for spraying inside the domes. (Mike South)

Spraying inside dome

Inside one of the Monolithic Domes spraying the shotcrete. (Javier Figueroa)