Group photo

The attendees of the Fall Dome Builders Workshop with founder David B. South. (Mike South)

Another successful workshop

For five days this month, people from all over the world gathered at our headquarters for hands-on learning about Monolithic Domes. This was part of our biannual Dome Builders Workshop. Thank you to all who attended and made this workshop a successful one.

There were 18 attendees from all over the world. This time we had people from Australia and Canada, as well as people from across the United States. This proves that Monolithic Domes are spreading across the world.

Over the course of five days, these 18 individuals learned from Monolithic Dome experts about the process of building these structures. There were even guest speakers, such as designer Linda Ware who spoke about how to design a Monolithic Dome.

Our founder David B. South was present every day, covering subjects from the magic of foam to energy efficiency to building survivability.

The best part about our workshops is that we don’t just teach the material in a classroom setting, we do hands-on learning. At each workshop a dome is built, and this one was no different. This workshop’s attendees helped build a 32 foot diameter pipe dome, which will serve as an addition to a home here at our headquarters. The class was also able to take a tour of local dome gymnasiums, showing the different uses for these buildings.

Vice President of Sales Gary Clark praised this group as a good class. “They got their fingers dirty and built a building.”

All in all, it was a great week. Thank you to all who came. Our next workshop will be held April 3-7, 2018. Click here to register and more information.

Field work

Attendees at the workshop in the field learning about building a Monolithic Dome. (Mike South)


The dome the attendees worked on during the workshop. (Mike South)

Dome interior

The inside of the workshop dome during construction. (Mike South)