Parking lot

The parking at Monolithic headquarters in Italy, Texas during the 2017 open house. (Mike South)

Good turnout at 2017 Monolithic Dome Open House

Our annual open house was held Saturday October 14, 2017. Many people from all over the country attended and learned firsthand about Monolithic Domes.

We had three locations this year, giving people more places to visit Monolithic Domes around the country. Many interested people attended and looked seriously into a building a dome. Our people at each location were talking with these interested parties, keeping us busy all day.

At our headquarters in Texas, we had an estimated 200 visitors to the property. This was the most popular of the three sites and kept our staff busy all day. Dome designer Linda Ware was in attendance and her meeting slots were quickly filled. Many people wanted the chance to talk with her, who was a returning feature from last year’s event.

Many people bought merchandise from our marketplace, including shirts and books. Each attendee was given a welcome folder, containing a map of the grounds and information on the various buildings. There was also a caterer that set up a taco bar and door prizes given out. It was an exciting day in Texas.

Our open house is an annual event, but we had some new features this year. There were two other locations open for tours that day. One was the Arcadia Dome home in Providence, Utah. The attendance was reported to be about 100 people, keeping the homeowners busy talking to people all day. Some were neighbors and friends, but many were people serious about building a dome. One person brought their floor plans while another brought a model of a dome home. People came from near and far, including one couple who traveled from Denver, Colorado.

The other location was the Shalom Dome in Platte City, Missouri. This dome home is almost complete, and welcomed people for tours even as it is being finished. The homeowner reported a smaller attendance of around 35 people. There were visitors from all over, including Little Rock, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Des Moines.

It was a great day and we enjoyed meeting with all those who came. Come visit again soon. Our open house is an annual event, so come again next year in October.

Welcome crew

The welcoming crew at our headquarters during the open house. (Mike South)

Dome home

One of the dome homes on tour was Europa. (Mike South)

Dome home 2

Another dome home on tour was Callisto, with its new addition built during the workshop.


A giant Airform in the shape of a pumpkin at headquarters. (Mike South)

People at Marketplace

Visitors gather in the Marketplace to buy merchandise during the open house. (Cynthia Teer)


Visitors at the open house tour the Charca Casa dome home. (Judy South)

Visitors with David B South

Visitors to the open house with David B. South. (Judy South)

Shalom dome attendees

Attendees at the open house of the Shalom Dome in Missouri. (John Small)