November 2007 – New Portable Concrete Mixer Redefining Versatility


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New Portable Concrete Mixer Redefining Versatility

ITALY, Texas (November 1, 2007) The new Monolithic® concrete mixer, available through Monolithic Equipment Manufacturing, is totally redefining what a so-called "portable concrete mixer” can do.

This lightweight and mobile mixer is perfect for anyone requiring low-volume amounts of concrete. But it is also ideal for mixing potting soil, grout and brick mortar jobs, block fill, livestock feed and mulches. In fact, anyone who needs anything mixed will find that this versatile unit is up to practically any job.

The mixer attaches to a skid-steer or other front-end loader, making it totally mobile. The mixer is also self-loading, eliminating the need to hand shovel whatever the mix content turns out to be. And loading is easy. The mixer can either tilt to scoop or be positioned upright to receive the content from the top.

Another advantage to the Monolithic mixer is that it gets the blending job done quickly. It can easily mix two to three cubic yards of concrete or mortar per hour, and a bag breaker is conveniently built right into the top of the mixer. Thanks to a dual release function, the mix content can be dumped from the front of the unit when tilted, or dumped from the bottom by opening a slide gate.

The mixer is designed to mix three tenths of a cubic yard per batch, and weighs 650 pounds when empty. Loaded with the .3 cubic yard of concrete it weighs approximately 1800 lbs. The remote hydraulics activate paddles that turn in both directions.

The Monolithic concrete mixer requires a 1300 pound or heavier rated skid loader. (A 1300 pound skid loader may need counterweights.) The hydraulic motor also requires 15.8 GPM (gallons per minute) of hydraulic oil.

For more information about the Monolithic concrete mixer or the full line of concrete pumps and other equipment, visit, or email Melinda South at [email protected]

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