April 2007 – Monolithic Oil Tanks


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Monolithic Oil Tanks
New Insulated Concrete Oil Tanks an Affordable Alternative to Steel Storage Facilities

ITALY, Texas (April 10. 2007) – Monolithic Constructors, a Texas-based builder of insulated, steel-reinforced concrete storage facilities, has introduced an oil storage tank that is fire-proof, hurricane-resistant and more affordable than traditional steel structures currently used for storing crude oil and refined products.

Known as a Monolithic Oil Tank, the new storage facility is a one-piece, concrete structure that is reinforced with steel rebar and lined with polyurea, a protective coating that prevents chemical erosion. The tank is insulated with polyurethane foam, making it ideal for warm oil storage.

Monolithic Oil Tanks also are fire-proof and meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s standards for near-absolute protection from hurricanes.

The cost for building a 24,000-barrel Monolithic Oil Tank is approximately $2 million.

“Monolithic has been building concrete water tanks for years, but until recently, we could not utilize our buildings for oil tanks because the concrete was subject to erosion,” said David B. South, president of Monolithic Constructors. “Now that polyurea has become available for coating the interior of the tanks, our buildings can be used for storing everything from crude oil to diesel fuel and gasoline.”

Monolithic Oil Tanks are constructed using a unique air-formed technology. Construction begins with the pouring of a circular foundation, which features anchors around the perimeter used to attach the Airform, an inflatable tarp made of tough, single-ply roofing material.

Giant fans are used to inflate the Airform, creating the shape of the tank. As fans keep the Airform inflated, the interior is sprayed with a polyurethane insulation material in several stages, finally totaling about three inches. A grid of steel rebar is then attached to the foam and embedded in a 2- to 3-inch layer of the liquid concrete known as Shotcrete. Finally, the interior is coated with a primer and polyurea, resulting in a strong and permanent oil tank.

For more information about Monolithic Oil Tanks, visit HYPERLINK http://www.monolithic.com.