Monolithic Indoor Waterparks

Monolithic Dome Waterpark — One of its most fun features is a gigantic tube slide that starts atop the dome and finishes on its inside.

The image of children running around in bathing suits, in the winter, in Minnesota, Maine or Canada, seems an unlikely sight. Equally unlikely may be the sight of sweaty adults and children standing in a long line, baking in the hot Arizona sun, waiting for a short water ride. But waterpark fun can be enjoyed year round if designed inside a Monolithic Dome.

An Agrithermosphere

An agrithermosphere — This Monolithic Dome was designed as an indoor agriculture system.

What do you get when you combine an enclosed heated pool and indoor agriculture system? An Agrithermosphere — a building used entirely for agricultural purposes. That’s what Gregg Swiderski built in Marengo, Illinois on his 100-acre farm.