The Oberon

Affordable comfort

The Oberon, named for one of the moons of Uranus, is an 804-square-foot home. The flexibility of this size dome has resulted in several floor plan layouts created by our design department. The featured design, the Oberon II, has two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room. Overall, its heating and cooling costs are half that of a conventional home of the same size.

During the hot summer months in Italy, Texas, the Oberon at our headquarters cools for about two dollars a day. Although Interstate 35E is only 100 yards away, inside the Oberon, it is surprisingly quiet.

Originally designed to have only two bedrooms, the Oberon has new plans and new options.

Oberon VIII.

Oberon VIII is a petite home at a reasonable price. It has a galley kitchen, great room, three bedrooms with a den/guest room/4th bedroom. The master bedroom is spacious and has its own bath.

The other bedrooms are compact. Each has a built-in upper bunk bed with a closet and desk underneath. Instead of a den, the Oberon IV features a larger great room.

Oberon VIII is affordable by many who otherwise might wind up in dumpy apartments or trailers. Our estimate for the completed building (totally contracted out) is $100 to $120 thousand (as of 2008) depending on the level of finish, local costs, and number of units. Add $10,000 for a lot, $1800 for storage, and $1800 for a carport. Can you imagine a nicer unit for a single mom with two or three children? The power bill for this home will be less than half of any other comparable housing. This and other Oberon plans are also ideal for a retirement home.

See the images to view the gallery of Oberon floor plans that are already available or contact our design department and create one of your own.

November 11, 2009