The Monolithic Dome home in Australia. The interior is complete and the homeowners have moved in. (Adrian Adams)

Interior completed in Australia dome home

After years of dreaming and planning, a Monolithic Dome home in Australia has been completed. The interior was recently finished, creating an amazing space for the homeowners.

The homeowners, Adrian and Ursula Adams, were able to move into their dream home. Boasting 5,254 square feet, this home has three levels: garage, mezzanine, and main floor. Much work and patience was put into this home.

“We moved in on the 3rd of January 2017, and I have been slowly finishing off the work,” said Adrian Adams. “Each day, both my wife and I are so pleased that we built the dome house. The dome is performing just as we expected.”

The energy efficiency of the dome has been pleasing to the homeowners. Adams reported during the summer no cooling of the home was needed, and now during the winter no heat is needed either.

The shell for the home was built by dome builder Dan Hildebrand. For more information about his business visit his website.

To learn more about the process of building this home, read the account ‘Australian adventure nears completion’

Balcony view

Panoramic view from the outside balcony of the home. (Adrian Adams)


A bedroom inside the home. (Adrian Adams)


A closet in one of the rooms. (Adrian Adams)


One of the bathrooms in the home, with Jack and Jill sinks. (Adrian Adams)


The shower in the bathroom. (Adrian Adams)


Laundry room. Notice the curved wall of the dome. (Adrian Adams)

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom. (Adrian Adams)

Theater room

Screen in the theater room. (Adrian Adams)

Great room

The great room of the recently completed interior. To the right are stairs that lead to the master bedroom, to left is the kitchen, and the dining room in the center with the balcony behind. (Adrian Adams)


View of the kitchen area from the stairs to the master bedroom. (Adrian Adams)


The top of the stairs that lead to the master bedroom. (Adrian Adams)

Small balcony

A small balcony is at the top of the stairs, before the entrance to the master bedroom. (Adrian Adams)


The entrance to the master bedroom. (Adrian Adams)

Master bedroom

The master bedroom. (Adrian Adams)

Master bath

The shower area in the master bathroom. (Adrian Adams)

Sinks master bath

The other side of the master bathroom. (Adrian Adams)