Eclipse in darkness

The Monolithic Dome in Georgia during the totality of the solar eclipse. A special retreat was held at the dome during the eclipse. (William Rodriguez)

Total eclipse with a dome

Located in the mountains of northeast Georgia is a group of Monolithic Domes. One of these structures is owned by William Rodriguez, who does workshops and retreats at the property through his group Archaic Roots.

Seizing upon an opportunity, Rodriguez through his group set up a workshop to coincide with the total solar eclipse. This “Solar Eclipse Retreat and Drum Circle” took place from August 18th until August 21st. Along with viewing the eclipse, the retreat included several diverse classes. The featured class focused on therapeutic touch with a massage therapist.

Speaking of the retreat, Rodriguez called it a “wonderful experience.” He also focused on the moment of the eclipse and said they were “blessed with over two minutes of totality.” During this period Rodriguez reported being able to see stars and planets and characterized it as a “once in a lifetime experience.”

The entire retreat was attended by 25 people. In addition to the eclipse, events on the agenda included discussion panels, educational classes, a waterfall excursion, and a fire and drum circle. The event was set up as a donation based event, with people donating food, time, and expertise by teaching classes or cooking meals. Also attending was a documentary crew capturing how the southern states were experiencing the eclipse.

An event of this size had been planned more than a year in the advance. However, this was a first for Rodriguez. “It was my first retreat of this size and a learning experience,” he stated. The idea for the event began as an effort to facilitate a “conscious” event for what Rodriguez called a “spiritual astrological event.” “Since my business, Archaic Roots, is based on the ancient practices and instruments of human cultures around the world,” Rodriguez explained, “I wanted to create an event based around personal evolution and sharing knowledge and ideas.”

For those wanting to experience life in a dome in the woods, Rodriguez has listed the structure on the rental site Airbnb. For more on why he’s renting it out and how he came to own it, read our previous article on the property.


A view of the sun during the totality of the eclipse. (William Rodriguez)

Eclipse shadows

During the eclipse, shadows on the ground reflected the half-moon shape, as seen here from the retreat. (William Rodriguez)

Dome in Georgia

The Monolithic Dome home in Lakemont, Georgia. (William Rodriguez)