Dome home front door

A view of the front of the home and front door (Anthony Clarke)

There’s no place like dome: spacious dome home for sale in Australia

The first Monolithic Dome home built in Australia is now for sale. Located at 14 Delholms Road in the city of Ballan, this dome boasts many features, including 2.3 hectares (5.6 acres) of land, 6 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms. The home, known as “The Roundhouse,” is spacious, covering 557.42 square meters (6000 square feet). It was built 8 years ago and has 3 levels of living space.

Homeowner Anthony Clarke was interested in building the home after learning about Monolithic Domes from the Monolithic website, as well as after building a dome with his brothers. He attended Monolithic’s dome building workshops and from there was able to build the home in his native Australia. He stated that the land the home is located on can be developed over the coming years.

The location was good, but Clarke’s favorite feature is the energy efficiency of the dome. “It doesn’t matter what it is like outside, it remains at 60°F inside,” Clarke said. “In summer the temperature remains comfortable even when it can be in the 90s and 100°F outside.”

Ballan is a relatively small city of about 4,000 residents. It sits at an altitude of 1600 feet (487 meters), “thus it is cold in the winter and pleasant in summer and fall,” Clarke said. Schools in the area include both a Catholic and government primary school, but there is no secondary school in Ballan. The homeowner stated that “secondary school students can really take their pick of a great range of good schools at Ballarat to the west or Bacchus Marsh to the east.”

Not far from a large city, Melbourne is 50 miles (80 kilometers) away. The home is located near the train station, and a ride to the city is less than an hour.

Although it was built as a home, Clarke imagines there could be another use for it. “With five bathrooms and six bedrooms, it is ideal to run as a bed and breakfast,” he said. “In the farming zoning of the land, you can have up to ten guests staying without any permission needed from the local council.” The home also has a large top floor room, which Clarke stated was another of this favorite features.

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Dome home exterior

A view of the exterior and part of the property. The balconies provide a nice view of the land (Anthony Clarke)

Dome home balcony view

A view from the balcony across the property toward the Ballan train station (Anthony Clarke)

Dome home dining area

The dining area inside the home (Anthony Clarke)

Dome home upper room

The large upper room in the home (Anthony Clarke)

Dome home kitchen area

The kitchen area of the home (Anthony Clarke)

Dome home ground floor bedroom

A bedroom on the ground floor (Anthony Clarke)

Dome home small bedroom

A smaller bedroom located on the ground floor (Anthony Clarke)

Floor plan of the dome, shown here is the ground floor

Floor plan of the dome, shown here is the ground floor (Anthony Clarke)

Floor plan of the dome, shown here in the upper floor

Floor plan of the dome, shown here in the upper floor (Anthony Clarke)