Dome entrance

The exterior of the building during construction, when the entrance was being completed. (Charles Lin)

New sports dome completed in Taiwan

Monolithic Domes are built around the world, and one of the newest is located in Taiwan.

The project is the brainchild of Charles Lin, whose company Yoshine has built five other domes in Taiwan. This sixth dome project, located in the city of Taichung, was built as an annex to the Taichung International Outdoor Baseball Field. Lin stated the dome is intended to house all Olympic indoor ball games including basketball, pingpong, badminton, and more.

Looming at 95 feet (29 meters) high and with a diameter of 229 feet (70 meters), the structure is large enough to house two floors. The top floor contains the main gym with seating for about 2,500. The lower floor has meeting rooms intended for conferences, banquets, and other commercial events.

Being attached to a baseball field isn’t the only thing about this building related to baseball. Even the exterior of the dome keeps with the sports theme. The dome exterior is painted white with two red lines, resembling a baseball.

Taiwan, located along the famous ‘Ring of Fire,’ is at risk for earthquakes and other natural disasters. Due to this risk, the Monolithic Dome was chosen for the design of this project.

“It is great for typhoon and earthquake protection,” stated Lin, “in addition to energy saving.”

Completed structure

The completed structure from the back. (Charles Lin)

Dome ceiling

Ceiling inside the dome, with flags on many countries from around the world. (Charles Lin)

Dome foundation

Foundation for the building during construction. (Charles Lin)

Dome shell

The completed shell of the dome during construction. (Charles Lin)

Dome rendering

A rendering of the completed structure. (Charles Lin)