Open house tomorrow (Sunday) for the house Sig and Betty built

Dome home for sale. Open house tomorrow (August 14) from 2 to 4 PM. One of a kind, ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE. Let your heart sing and your spirit soar. On 2/3rds of an acre, minutes from all the good things Boulder has to offer. End of the cul-de-sac for views of Baseline Lake. Sweeping views atop Hoover Hill Mesa. Garage has 3 stalls, 2 doors for cars, one with rolling door for bikes used as a screened in porch. Nearby trails along Baseline and Arapahoe. Circle Drive. In a sea of homes with perpendicular walls, this home offers a unique living experience.

The house that Sig and Betty built

Betty and Sig Stenlund never imagined the way Boulder, Colorado would change. Or how their lives would change, for that matter.

In 1984 hey bought a lot in Boulder for $45,000. After raising 5 teenagers amongst them, they had dealt with a lot. Betty had lost her first spouse. Sig spent many years working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Many interesting projects and creations were done by Betty as a seamstress. They both went to New Zealand where Sig participated as an engineer in many weather related projects. Sigvard Stenlund is of Scandinavian descent, and has a physics degree.

Sig and Betty were ready for building this unique home atop Hoover Hill Mesa. The first comment as the balloon went up for forming the structure and pouring the two layers concrete, was a comment from a person that they could not imagine gaining entrance through such a small hole.

Over 33 years later the lot behind their home is under-contract, and had a list price of $995,000. Their home is on the market for $795,000.

Many of the homes in their neighborhood are being scrapped. Boulder has become a very cosmopolitan metropolis… The no growth building limitations has made Boulder a very secure real estate market. The government jobs at NCIT, and NCAR bring a lot of scientists to the area.

Details on their real estate listing.

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