Rendering of new gymnasium at the high school.

Rendering of new gymnasium at the high school. (Michael McCoy Architecture)

Hartshorne passes $7.7 million bond for two Monolithic Domes

The $7.7 million bond passed for two safe rooms for Hartshorne Public Schools. The larger, 150-foot diameter Monolithic Dome will serve as a full gymnasium at the high school. The smaller, 70-foot diameter Monolithic Dome will be a new library and computer center at the elementary school.

“This is just monumental,” said Hartshorne Public Schools Superintendent Mark Ichord. “Our patrons really trust our schools and that it is doing the right thing for our students. There is a lot of trust involved in passing a bond.”

Groundbreaking is expected in the spring with construction finished in a little over a year.

Read more about Hartshorne school bond passes on the McAlester News-Captital website.

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