Hobbit Hole home

“The Hobbit Hole,” as this Monolithic Dome has come to be known, has found new owners who are giving it a new future. (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

California dome home finds new life with new owners

Melissa Sesma and her fiancé Cory Feldman had no idea what a Monolithic Dome was until they came across one listed for sale. The two had wanted to buy a house as an investment and originally looked near downtown San Diego, California. That area proved to be too expensive and they decided to look further outside the city.

That’s when they came across what is locally called “The Hobbit Hole,” a 25’ tall Monolithic Dome home located in a community known as the San Diego Country Estates near Ramona, California. The property had been on the market for eight months when they came across it and put in an offer, but did not get it. They were told a cash buyer was going to buy it, but when that fell through they bought it. “We ended up getting a good deal on it,” Sesma said.

They purchased the house in January. “We bought the house as-in and took it at face value,” Sesma said. “We understood that there was a lot to fix and work on it.” The family they bought it from had lived there for 20 years, and they bought it from the builder, making Melissa and Cory the third owners.

The property is on a 0.7 acre lot. The house has 2,300 square feet with 2.5 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. The grounds include a pool with jacuzzi and a view of the nearby mountains. The rest the lot is on a slope and the driveway is uphill.

When they moved in, they knew there was some work to do and were alright with a unique home. “We thought it was very weird and different, but we’re very weird and different people,” Sesma stated. “It clicks with us.” One thing that needs to be fixed is a fountain inside around which the staircase is based. Plaster on the walls is peeling because of the humidity. They will fix and paint the walls. The home had some built-in benches which have already been removed by the couple due to pet urine of the previous owners.

Outside, the jacuzzi wasn’t working, which was added to the to-do list. The dome itself also has some sun blisters, where moisture has gotten underneath the stucco and the foam is sticking out. They are looking at different options for fixing, including metal cladding.

“There’s a lot of little things that we still need to work on,” Sesma said. Most of them, she reported, are minor cosmetic fixes. All of this is looking to the future of the couple and the house.

At first they thought of fixing it up and flipping the house pretty quickly. They changed their minds after they moved in. “We found we really like it,” Sesma said. They now plan to stay for awhile, around five or six years. Melissa has put the property on Airbnb, which may be complicated because the home is their primary residence, but will put it up for rent while they are on vacation. This will allow others to enjoy the home as they have.

Pool and seating

The backyard of the home includes a pool and jacuzzi and a outdoor seating area. (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Seating and fire pit

The seating area and fire pit (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Seating area

A view of the seating area from the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Pool area

Another view of the pool area (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


Inside the home looking up at the dome (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


The high ceiling inside the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Entry way

The entry way of the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Curved walls

Curved walls are featured inside the home, here around the fireplace

Inside view

A view from inside the home looking at the backyard

Backyard view

View from upper level out the windows into the backyard (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Ground floor view

A ground-floor view of the pool and the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


The jacuzzi is another feature of the backyard (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


The TV in the home


The fountain inside the home the stairs are wrapped around


Another view of the staircase and fountain (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Looking up

Looking up inside the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Fountain going down

Going down the staircase with the fountain (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Upper floor

On the upper floor of the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

(Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

(Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


Shower in the bathroom


Bedroom in the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Another bedroom

Another bedroom in the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


Bathroom in the home

Living room

Looking down on the living room from the upper level (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


Hallway on the upper level (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


The kitchen of the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)

Other side

The other side of the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


A close-up view of the dome (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


A round window in the home (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


More detail of the Monolithic Dome (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)


A beautiful Monolithic Dome (Melissa Sesma & Cory Feldman)