Impact Assessment of New Ngelepen

When the May 2006 earthquake destroyed much of Indonesia, Domes For The World responded with rebuilding plans. By April 2007, DFTW successfully designed and built the village of New Ngelepen, including 71 EcoShell homes and various other community buildings. In April 2011, a team of DFTW experts traveled back to New Ngelepen to assess the impact of this project on the village and its economy. Click here to read the report.

A Village Grows: Progress in New Ngelepen, Indonesia

EcoShell Clusters — DFTW trained native workers to build Monolithic EcoShell Domes. Constructed of concrete, reinforced with steel, EcoShells provide clean, low-energy use, fire-and disaster-resistant homes and public buildings. These dome-homes are arranged in clusters of 12.

New Ngelepen, Indonesian suffered a tsunami in December 2004 and an earthquake followed by a landslide in May 2006. As a result, some 6000 died, countless thousands were injured and 5 million were left homeless. In July 2006, following a request from WANGO, an international organization for global well-being, Domes For The World (DFTW) began directing the relocation and reconstruction of the original village of Ngelepen into its replacement: New Ngelepen.