Youtube interview

Youtuber Pippi Peterson interviewing David B. South at Monolithic headquarters in Italy, Texas. (Pippi Peterson Youtube Channel)

Youtuber visits Monolithic Headquarters

Youtuber and RV Traveler Pippi Peterson recently visited Monolithic headquarters in Italy, Texas to take a tour and learn about Monolithic Domes.

Peterson is the owner of a Youtube channel where she travels the country in her RV and catalogs her experiences on the road. Her most recent stop was to Italy, Texas to take a tour of our facility and learn about Monolithic Domes.

“For years I’ve been fascinated with alternative building materials and methods. I think Monolithic Domes top the list with their amazing resistant properties and safeguards,” Peterson said. “It was a special treat to get to see inside of the founder’s dome, to see not just a dome but a home!”

In her video she talks with our founder and co-inventor of the Monolithic Dome David B. South, as well as our vice president of sales Gary Clark. She also takes you inside a Monolithic Dome for a firsthand look.

Take a look a the video below: