Xanadu, the Monolithic Dome home in Sedona, Arizona

Xanadu, the Monolithic Dome home in Sedona, Arizona

Xanadu Owners Celebrate New Year

It’s 2012, and you’ve no doubt heard one or more of the various prophecies about the changes that this year is expected to bring. Some interpret the 2012 Mayan prophecies to mean that the world as we know it will end this year. But others see the prophecies instead as foretelling the end of violence, jealousy, hate and disharmony.

The owners of Xanadu, the Monolithic Dome home in Sedona, Arizona, are not taking sides, but in an article appearing on the Examiner website, they are suggesting that 2012 is the time to throw away negativity and help one another other to thrive. In that spirit, they are transforming Xanadu into a Dome Education Tour House.

“We’ve had the opportunity to share this one of a kind dome home with many people over the last 12 years,” says Nina Joy Cherry in the article. “It’s been a blast each time! It brings joy to our hearts seeing people’s eyes light up as they walk into the first Dome, with a skylight 33 feet up!“

The Cherrys are also offering a 40 percent partnership in the home and the ensuing revenues. For more information about this opportunity visit their website.