Why Not Rebuild with Monolithic Domes?

Permies.com is a website that hosts discussion forums on permaculture, green building and sustainable practices, among other topics. Recently, a forum participant asked a simple question: Why do people in tornado/hurricane zones still build the same destroyable houses?

The writer, Andrew Michaels, then goes on to describe the virtual indestructibility of Monolithic Domes, including their ability to resist most natural disasters. He then writes:

“It seems so wasteful to keep rebuilding these houses which are not well suited to their environment…They know the disasters are coming, so why do they just keep doing the same thing over and over again? Surely they must think when their houses are destroyed the first time, ‘Hmm, I should research alternative home designs to see if there’s a better option for when I rebuild,’ …But it doesn’t happen. They just rebuild the same damn house the next time. What am I missing here?”

Several other forum participants have offered their perspectives ranging from: “the risk/reward of a safer house is not seen as worth it” to “mortgage and insurance, plain and simple…if you want a mortgage, you need a house that is as seen as ‘normal.’"

We’ve all been stunned in recent weeks as dozens of tornadoes have torn through parts of the United States. And while inquiries here are the Monolithic Dome Institute are up, we know the vast majority of people will rebuild using conventional construction methods.

We agree with some of the reasons posted on the forum, and have a few ideas of our own. But what do you think? Join in on the discussion and share your perspective.