Weather Channel to Feature Colorado Dome Home

Keith Wortman’s Monolithic Dome home in Fairplay, Colorado has made a lot of headlines over the years. The Denver Post, the Colorado Springs Gazette and even USA Today have featured the home, which has been christened Bristlecone Dome. In 2010, the home received so much publicity before the annual dome home tour that more than 700 people turned out to see the unusual property.

Soon, the home will be featured on national television as well. The Weather Channel plans to profile Bristlecone Dome in its new series called “Built to Last.” That news, in turn, has generated even more local publicity.

Colorado’s Channel 9 News- recently profiled the Wortman home, describing it as “a home that is built to last 1,000 years." Wortman told the news station that Monolithic Domes can withstand whatever nature throws their way, from earthquakes to tornadoes to hurricanes to firestorms.

“It’s not going to destroy the building; it’s going to move on,” Wortman said.

Wortman‘s hope is that more such homes will be built around the country. “There really is a safe way to live. All it means is maybe stepping outside the box a little bit.”