Toronto Star Puts its Focus on Monolithic Domes

The Toronto Star, one of Canada’s largest daily newspapers, recently turned its focus to Monolithic Dome homes by featuring Great Lakes Dome Co., founded by Collin MacLeod and Sunny Cushnie. The duo has been successfully building dome homes since attending a workshop in Italy, Texas.

One case in point is Doug Whitty, president of 13th Street Winery. He decided to go with a Monolithic Dome for his new wine cellar. He told the newspaper he was drawn to it because of its durability, easy maintenance, and energy efficiency – and that’s just the beginning. “For my part, I’m attracted to the space, the cost efficiency, the unique and pleasing environment for our employees to work and for our guests to experience,” Whitty told the newspaper.

Those words are music to the ears of MacLeod and Cushnie, who have been working hard to raise awareness about the Monolithic Dome’s advantages. "We studied it for a long time, years, looking for flaws and issues,” Cushnie said in an interview. After visiting a Monolithic Dome in Ottawa, “we were sold. We took the leap.”

They have since constructed 14 Monolithic Domes in Canada, and each has built his own personal dome home. In June, they will be moving into school construction by building a classroom for an elementary school.