The Trip for Life: Part II on Monolithic Domes

Last year we brought you the story of Aaron Fown, who decided to go in search of new discoveries and then tell his story to a worldwide audience. Monolithic was one of the stops on The Trip for Life.

Dubbing himself a scientist and techie, Fown is now bringing us Part II of his adventure of a lifetime. While last time he described how Monolithic Domes are made as well as their advantages, this time he is tackling different subjects, including obstacles to building domes.

His first question? “How do you justify the use of concrete from an environmental standpoint, since concrete uses to much energy to produce?” Other questions include “What are some of the obstacles to building a Monolithic Dome?” and “Why is it often so difficult to get financing to build a Monolithic Dome, despite their proven durability?” Click here to see how our own David B. South addresses Fown’s queries.

We wish Fown well as he continues traveling the country to report on “discoveries, technologies and ways of being that have the potential to change the world.” Other stops on The Trip for Life: a wind farm in Iowa, the Growing Power urban farm in Milwaukee, and a small, sustainable dairy in southeastern Michigan.