The Next Big Future? Ecoshells

The Next Big Future is a web site that reports on new technology and science that can “impact the future course of civilization.” It covers a variety of topics ranging from new university research to economic forecasts. A recent post focused on the home of the future - the Monolithic Dome – and specifically on the EcoShells that are being constructed in developing countries around the world.

The article points out that the average family of 8 requires only 28 square meters of living space or about 305 square feet. In the round, that translates into a dome home with a diameter of 6 meters or about 20 feet. A few good workers can build an EcoShell structure this size in as little as three to five days using nothing more than hand tools, a small inflator fan, and basic building materials. The construction of 6-meter Ecoshells in a village would cost about $10,000 per dome once the cost of infrastructure is factored in. That would include water and sewer systems, electricity, and roads. But David South and his team at Domes for the World have built Ecoshells for as little as $1,500 each. In this video posted on the blog, he explains how.