Texas Dome Home Has Curve Appeal

Texans tend to be independent minded, and for a small but growing group, that sense of independence extends to their choice of home. There are 169 Monolithic Dome homes in the Lone Star State, and more than half of them were built in the last six or seven years.

A dome home in Henderson, Texas is the subject of a feature story in the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

The newspaper wrote about Jerry and Kathy Standley’s two-bedroom, two-bath home, which has two stories and a deck upstairs.

David South, president of Monolithic, told the newspaper that the reasons people are drawn to Monolithic Dome homes are pretty simple. “They realize they’ve got a tornado shelter they’re living in, energy cost is one-third of a conventional home and its lifetime is measured in centuries. That means a lot to people,” he said.

The Standleys were drawn by all those advantages, but there was something more. “We like different stuff …,” Kathy Standley said.

Her husband added that the home has exceeded all of their expectations. Said Jerry, “We’re totally pleased with the structure and the design. … To us, it’s kind of like a vacation retreat every day.”