Spotlight Back on Hobbit House

The wonderland that Steve and Christine Michaels have created around their Monolithic Dome home is once again making headlines. This time it’s the hometown newspaper, the Billings Gazette, that is putting the spotlight on the unusual property. As we’ve reported, the New York Times and MTV Extreme Homes have also come calling.

In The Gazette article, the Michaels tell the story of how the home’s enchanting look evolved from the decision to build their dome almost entirely underground. “It looked like an Army bunker,” says Chris, recalling the concrete support and small portion of the home exposed to air. “We wondered, ‘What in the heck are we going to do?”

The answer was to turn it into a mythical land of Hobbits, and the dome home is now affectionately known as the Hobbit House. The charm extends to the interior of the home as well, according The Gazette. “Like the magical world of the shire outside the front door, it’s the details you discover in the interior that perhaps make the deepest impression.”

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