Potentially the Greenest of All Buildings

With hurricane season just around the corner, there’s a renewed focus on the Monolithic Dome’s ability to meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s standards for near-absolute protection. Or as one blogger recently put it, people are interested in dome homes partly because they are the “most comfortable storm shelter you could ever live in.” But the article posted on the site, ForcedGreen.com, went on to recount the many other advantages offered by these so-called ”super structures,” and there are many.

Proven ability to survive earthquakes, most man-made disasters, fire, termites and rot. Cost-efficient, earth-friendly, extremely durable and easily maintained. Super energy efficient. Can be constructed on virtually any site: in the mountains, on beaches, even underground or underwater (wow!).

The blogger sums it up this way: “The Monolithic Dome is a permanent structure that is energy efficient, cost effective, disaster resistant and attractive. They can withstand the force of a tornado, hurricane or earthquake. They cannot burn, rot or be eaten by bugs. Their lifespan is measured in centuries. Hence they do not need to be replaced. In a word, sustainability – potentially the greenest of all building alternatives.”