Monolithic Dome tornado safe room in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Monolithic Dome tornado safe room in Pawnee, Oklahoma. (KFOR)

Tornado Dome Covers Pawnee, Oklahoma

New Monolithic Dome safe room in Pawnee, Oklahoma is large enough for the whole town. Local TV station, KFOR, profiled the dome during a school tornado drill. As the students quietly walk to the dome, Superintendent Ned Williams explains the advantages and why they built the safe dome.

“We’ve had tornadoes move over the school while we were in session,” he explained. “Our children had to go to what they perceived was a safe place, but what they had at that time was something similar to what Moore had.”

The result is an 8,000 square foot, EF-5 proof dome right in the middle of the elementary school campus.

The entire school population, that’s 1,000 people, have been in here for drills with room to spare.

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