Ohio TV Station Chronicles Dome Inflation

Have you ever seen the inflation of a Monolithic Dome? An Ohio television station used time-lapse video to chronicle the 15-minute inflation in only a few seconds.

Click here to see it. (Our apologies, as the link is no longer working.)

As the Channel 10 reporter points out in the news segment, this particular dome is the first of its kind in the nation—- a FEMA funded tornado shelter in a mobile home park. A larger dome will be built in another mobile home community just a few miles away in Licking County.

Although the inflation makes the dome look as pliable as a balloon, the polyurethane foam, steel rebar and Shotcrete that will soon coat the Airform will make the building strong enough to withstand 250 mile an hour winds. More importantly, they will provide peace of mind and a safe haven for residents that are most vulnerable to Mother Nature’s wrath.