Fertilizer dome

The Monolithic Dome fertilizer storage in Bryan, Texas. This facility is mentioned in an article in World Fertilizer magazine. (Javier Figueroa)

Monolithic Domes featured in World Fertilizer magazine

World Fertilizer, a new industry publication, has featured Monolithic Domes in its April 2018 issue. The magazine has an average circulation of more than 7,700 per issue.

The article highlighted Monolithic Domes as effective storage structures. Under the title “Dome Sweet Dome,” it also includes photos of a cutaway of a Monolithic Dome structure and a Monolithic Dome blend plant in Bryan, Texas.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Fertilizer has always been a sector of the dry bulk storage industry that has proved difficult to keep. One of the largest issues with storing this commodity is its corrosive properties, often ruining handling and other equipment at the storing site. Moisture is the culprit; if water enters or condensation forms inside the storing site, it quickly begins to degrade the fertilizer and rusts forms. This has long created headaches and racked up dollars for companies to replace such equipment.

Monolithic Domes use cutting-edge, money-saving technology that safely maintains the quality of the product stored inside. These structures provide a safe and maintainable space for these commodities to be stored. By creating a concrete space around the commodity, they are protected from the outside world.

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Inside of dome

The inside of Monolithic Dome fertilizer dome. (Javier Figueroa)

Dome cutaway

Schematic cutaway of the layers of a Monolithic Dome. (David Collins)