Monolithic Dome Ranked Among World’s Most Indestructible Homes

Are you looking for a home that can stand up to the strongest of winds and the most devastating of earthquakes? You’ve come to the right place! Mother Nature Network just ranked Monolithic Domes among the top five of the world’s most indestructible homes.

Like the other homes that made the list, a dome home is made of extremely durable material (in this case concrete) and has been engineered to respond and adapt to the effects of just about any natural disaster. The site features Dome of a Home in Pensacola Beach, pointing out that it has survived not one, but four catastrophic hurricanes, including Ivan.

Other homes that made the list include a home in China made from super-strong sticky rice mortar that happens to be nearly indestructible; a raised flood-proof house in South Carolina; a floating house in New Orleans that is able to rise up to 12 feet on two guideposts; and earthquake-proof structures in Japan.