“How Stuff Works” Spotlights Monolithic Domes

Since its debut on the Discovery Channel, “How Stuff Works” has become the go-to website for anyone interested in understanding the why’s behind not only science and machines, but just about every topic imaginable. At last count, the website HowStuffWorks.com was attracting more than 58 million visitors annually.

Recently, the website put its focus on “homes of the future” and Monolithic Domes in particular. First they sought to define what they mean by the term “home of the future.” Is it a home with the most modern technology? Is it the greenest design because of its energy efficiency? Or is it simply obvious at a glance that the home is futuristic?

While all of the above would be ideal, the writer concluded that two out of three criteria would suffice. What followed is a top 10 list of “Home of the Future…Today.”

Not surprisingly Monolithic Dome homes made the list. “How Stuff Works” even featured a photo of Dome of a Home in Pensacola Beach, Florida. “It meets a lot of the requirements for a futuristic home,” according to the website. “Its unusual appearance makes you think of both natural forms found on Earth and maybe living structures found on other planets.”

The writer then goes on to list all of the homes’ advantages. They meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) requirements for “near-absolute protection” from F5 tornadoes and Category 5 hurricanes. They’re also resistant to earthquakes and fires. In addition, they’re energy efficient.

The best news is this futuristic home is available today. Contact us for more information about Monolithic Dome homes.