Greener Side Spotlights Monolithic Domes

News Radio 1080 is one of the main sources for local news in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Recently, the station launched a weekly segment called the Greener Side, which focuses on new green technologies and products.

Monolithic Domes were the subject of this week’s feature, with David South explaining the many benefits that the structures have to offer. “We build literally the greenest structures presently being built, and we do it for the same price as a conventional building,” he said.

David went on to explain that dome owners typically save 50 to 75 percent on energy bills compared to a traditional structures, and the energy savings alone will pay for the entire cost of a Monolithic Dome school in less than 20 years. The fact that the buildings are designed to last 500 years only adds to their green status. Click here to listen to the entire broadcast.