“Green” Blogger touts the benefits of the Monolithic Dome

In the Huffington post article titled, “Buildings, Energy, & Transportation Choices in Tourism: A Key to protecting coastal habitat and marine environments,” Dr. Reese Halter (broadcaster, biologist and author) touts the benefits of the Monolithic Dome in coastal regions. In the blog Dr. Halter expands on the “Blue Community Initiative,” 12 strategies for coastal habitat and marine environment protection for the tourism industry and the Monolithic Dome is a key component.

In the article Dr. Halter states, “A paradigm shift in building for the tourist industry can be found in the Monolithic Dome construction process. This process allows tourism resorts to reduce risks through buildings that are 100% fire proof, tornado proof, insect proof, earthquake proof, and can withstand hurricane force winds up to 300 mph.”