Florida Dome Home Has Many Green Features

Bobzio.com is a website where travelers can find vacation rentals or home exchanges. It recently started publicizing homes that have green building designs and construction techniques. Not surprisingly, a Monolithic Dome home made the list.

A press release outlines the many features that make this dome home in Cape San Blas, Florida so sustainable.

Among them:

  • Like all Monolithic Dome homes, this home has a passive temperature reserve due to the fact that it is made of concrete and the insulation is on the outside.
  • The windows are insulated with UV reflective coating.
  • The coating of the home also has a reflective quality to it.
  • The home’s copula design provides an additional cooling feature used for hundreds of years in desert climates of the Middle East.
  • The home has a unique solar hot water heating system.

All of these features combined mean that the home requires half the energy of a conventional house of similar square footage. What’s more the dome home is available for rent so would-be home owners can experience the energy saving features for themselves.