Florida Dome Home Featured in Online Newspaper

Like many Americans, Charlie and Margaret Simmons opted to retire in Florida. Unlike most other retirees, they decided to make their retirement home a Monolithic Dome. The online newspaper, NorthEscambia.com recently profiled the Simmons’ new dome home in a feature story, touting its many benefits that range from energy efficiency to durability.

In outlining some of the home’s advantages, Charles pointed to the downsized heat and air equipment. The Simmons use a 1 ½ ton AC unit to cool the 3,400 square foot home, while a traditional home of the same size would require a 5 or 6 ton AC unit. He also pointed out that the model he chose was tested in a wind tunnel at Texas A & M University and found to withstand winds of 600 miles per hour. Simmons also enhanced the fire-proof nature of the building by painting the dome’s exterior with a silicon based paint that will withstand 550 degrees F.

In explaining why they chose a non-conventional approach to home building, Charles said: “The efficiency of the house appeals to me as an engineer, and I like having something that is a little different, too.”

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