First Monolithic Dome School for Canada

The inflation of Canada’s first Monolithic Dome school structure was big news, as teachers, students and local media were on hand to see the structure take shape. “Raise that dome,” chanted students as construction crews used giant fans to inflate the Airform at Southamton’s G.C. Huston school. The structure, which will be open on four sides and house outdoor classrooms, is scheduled for completion in September.

According to an article in the Owen Sound Sun Times, teachers at the school will focus every subject around the outdoors and the environment.

“It will promote outdoor activities so we’re not always cooped up in a classroom,” student council member Nolan Kewageshig told the newspaper. “I think it will inspire a love of nature that will last a lifetime.”

The new outdoor focus will allow students to learn in and from nature and discover both what the Earth can teach people and what people must learn about caring for the Earth, he added.

The Monolithic Dome structure, which is being financed entirely by school fundraising and corporate and community donations, is being constructed by Great Lakes Dome Company.

Great Lakes co-owner Sunny Cushnie told a local TV station that he decided to get involved in the project after hearing his children and others at the school discuss what they had in mind.

He said the dome will not only be appropriate for environment and science classes, but also for other classes such as reading or physical education.