Alabama dome home

Sweet Dome Alabama home situated on a mountainside in New Hope, Alabama. (Beverly Garcia) picks domes for best sci-fi locations in Alabama

Have you ever thought about where you would film a sci-fi movie? Plenty of us have done it. The folks over at did and came up with a list of places in Alabama that looked like something from a sci-fi movie. As part of the list, two Monolithic Dome locations were chosen.

Sweet Dome Alabama

This Monolithic Dome home in located in New Hope, Alabama and was built by Beverly and Kenneth Garcia. This dome has three interconnected domes, one for living, one as a carport, and another as a utility. The total living space of the home is 2,700 square feet. It was built into the side of a mountain and is located outside city limits. For more on the home and how it was built, read our article At Home in Sweet Dome Alabama.

Faith Chapel Christian Center

This seven-dome church complex is located in Birmingham, Alabama. It has the world’s largest Monolithic Dome church, measuring 280 feet in diameter and has a seating capacity of approximately 3,000. This megadome houses 61,575 square feet. The other six domes are interconnected and include a bowling alley, gym, and children’s play area. For more on this complex, read our article Faith Chapel Christian Center

So there you have it. Two dome locations that could be in a sci-fi movie. Would a Monolithic Dome be on your list?

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Faith Chapel dome

The main dome at the Faith Chapel Christian Center, the largest Monolithic Dome church, in Birmingham, Alabama.