John Belles home after the wildfire.

John Belles home after the wildfire. (KXLY)

Monolithic Dome saves man from fire

If you missed our Facebook post or the news reports, a Monolithic Dome protected a man during a wildfire in Washington. John Belles rode out the fire inside his Monolithic Dome home that he built in 1999. The news report has spread worldwide.

“The fire was like right here 30 yards or so to the north of me when I decided to go into the building,” Belles said. “I didn’t know how it was going to work out but I figured I was safe inside the building, it was cool and well protected with the concrete and everything.”

Watch the full story, Man’s concrete home survives wall of flames on KXLY.

You can also watch the exact same news report on Q13 Fox News,, KCTV5 in Kansas, AZ Family, CBS46 in Atlanta, The Blaze, and Popular Mechanics.

And even the Daily Mail in the UK.

One final note to ponder. Wildfires don’t burn down houses. They merely start the house on fire. The house burns itself down. The fear of losing a house to fire is real and always present regardless of where you live. It’s one thing to feel safe at home, it’s quite another to know you are safe.