Dome Homes Popular Among Survivalists

We have documented evidence that “Monolithic Domes”/topics/domes can survive powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, and even wildfires. But what about a catastrophic event like the end of the world as we know it? Thankfully, we haven’t had to put a dome to that kind of test, at least not yet. But dome homes are popular among survivalists, especially those who are interested in an underground shelter.

The Huffington Post recently profiled one such owner, who has an underground Monolithic Dome home in Texas. “In the long term, things are not going to be as they are now, and I might need the extra benefit (of having an underground home),” the dome owner said.

David South told the Huffington Post that Monolithic Domes can be built to meet just about every need. “If you’re worried most about nuclear fallout,” he said, "you’ll have to bury it five feet underground. On the other hand, if you fear tornadoes, put it on top of your property because those really only happen once every 40 years.”

South concluded by pointing out that none of us know for sure what tomorrow will bring, but survivalists are not taking any chances. That’s why, for them and many others, a Monolithic Dome home makes perfect sense.