Dome Homes Land on Green Home Website

As the name implies, is a new web site dedicated to helping consumers choose low-cost, environmentally friendly homes. It features a variety of green building systems that are proven to save from 30 to 90 percent on heating and cooling bills. Not surprisingly, Monolithic Dome homes made the cut.

As the web site points out, they are much more resistant to termites, other pests, wind damage, fire, earthquakes, rot, and mold; they are healthier for their inhabitants; and they do less harm to the planet.

The web site also emphasizes that while many green building methods require less initial expense than conventional construction, it also make sense to choose one of the more expensive green options.

“If you choose a type of green house that costs more to build, and you take out a mortgage, you will have a higher mortgage payment each month. If you choose a conventional house that costs less to build, you will have a higher energy bill each month.

Which is better?” You may have already guessed the answer, but click here to read more.